Outlandish Experiences carefully selects guides to provide bite-sized activities that inspire travelers with authentic experiences in nature, in town, and beyond. Nevada City and Grass Valley are teaming with artists, foodies, musicians, healing arts practitioners, outdoor guides, farmers, spiritualists, writers, poets, freaks, geeks, and professional thrill-seekers. For travelers who want to adventure like a local, Outlandish Experience is the place to start.

Outlandish Experiences launched in August 2018 and features a growing collection of outings and experiences as varied as the guides who lead them with themes like ‘Nature and Outdoors,’ ‘Arts and Entertainment’ and ‘Offbeat.’


Besides offering opportunities for local guides, Outlandish Experiences’ affiliate program supports small town businesses and rural economic ecosystems. Businesses such as Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, Airbnbs, entertainment venues, and others can earn 10 percent of experiences they help sell when they sign up for the Outlandish Experiences Affiliate Program.


To learn more about the fall schedule and to book an adventure, visit our Experiences page.


Folks interested in becoming an Outlandish Experiences guide or affiliate can contact info@outlandishexperiences.com for more details.


Press and News

9.25.18 Press Release 

8.13.18 The Grass Valley Union ‘A grand experiment’: Outlandish Experiences offers unique activities for tourists and locals (subscription)

8.1.18  The Grass Valley Union Giving locals a platform to shine: Outlandish Experiences launches on Aug. 9

7.30.18 Press Release 


adj. Conspicuously unconventional; bizarre.

adj. Strikingly unfamiliar.

adj. Located far from civilized areas.


weird, queer, far out, quirky, zany, eccentric, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, funny, bizarre, unusual, singular, extraordinary, strange, unfamiliar, peculiar, odd, backwoods, isolated., curious;

Informal offbeat, off the wall, way-out, wacky, freaky, kooky, kinky, oddball, in left field

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